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The “Giardino Digitale” is an e-commerce in which the Azienda Agricola L’Idæale sells fresh and genuine products grown in the farm owned by the company in Calabria, in the South of Italy. The products purchased are collected only after receipt of the order and they are shipped via express courier on the same day of the order.

Thanks to the short supply chain and the creation of a direct relationship between us and our customers, you can benefit from advantages related to the quality and cost of the products themselves.

Furthermore, you will receive your order within 48/72 hours from the collection at an average cost lower than the traditional sales channels operated in the large-scale retailers. In addition you have the opportunity to really know what is behind the product you bring to your table, you will promote a fair and sustainable type of agriculture and will support directly our small agricultural reality.

Furthermore, for customers registered on our site there is a points award system. These points, called FarmPoints🚜 are automatically received for each purchase and can be used, once accumulated, to purchase our products.

The Loyalty Program is simple and free. Register on the site and immediately receive 10’000 FarmPoints🚜.
Later, for each purchase in the Giardino Digitale, you will earn points (100 FP for each euro spent) that can be converted into DISCOUNTS for subsequent orders!

For every 2,000 FP you have € 1 discount!

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All prices shown on the “Giardino Digitale” website include:

  • VAT
  • Packaging costs

Of course, within the Shop you can compose your cart, including also different products and indicating the amount of product desired.

No minimum order is required to buy from the “Giardino Digitale”. We believe that flexibility is a fundamental factor to guarantee to our customers. The cart can also be composed of a single product of the store and no minimum order must be satisfied.

Payments can be made using one of the following secure and certified payment methods:

  • Any Credit / Debit Card or prepaid card of any circuit;
  • PayPal;
  • Amazon Pay;
  • Bank transfer

All electronic payments are made through external secure systems.

Sure. In order to receive the Tax Invoice, you must, within the order form, fill in the fields relating to the Company Name and the VAT number. This will be sent within a maximum of 7 days from the conclusion of the order by e-mail to the address provided during the order. The invoice will also be sent, in paper format, within the shipment you will receive to the shipping address.

For orders received from Italy, these will be received by customers within 24/48 hours.
For orders received from EU countries, these will be received within 48/72 hours.
You will still be informed by e-mail on the order confirmation and on the departure of the shipment. Also you can track your order in real time in your account.

Shipments are made through international express couriers.
The packaging of the orders have been studied and tested to ensure that everything arrives in perfect condition even after heavy stresses and shocks during the shipment. Moreover, our packaging are Plastic Free! We have abolished the use of plastic, in fact we use only recyclable cardboard.
For tracking the shipment, within a few hours of taking charge of the Courier you will receive an email containing the Tracking code and the guidelines to track your shipment at any time in your account.

Orange and Lemon

During the winter, keep your Oranges and Lemons on your terrace. Do not pile the oranges to each other so as not to crush them. In this way, you will guarantee a shelf life of up to 35 days for oranges and around 45 days for lemons. It’s important, if you choose to keep citrus fruits on the terrace, make sure that there are no cold temperatures that lead to night frosts and that inevitably ruin the citrus fruit. Remember to keep the citrus fruits away from apples or overripe fruit or march as they could ruin them.


You can keep your Clementines in the fridge. If you decide to close them in an envelope, it’s preferable in a network in order to allow the circulation of the air and to prevent the formation of mold. Avoid keeping your Clementines next to overripe or marching fruits because they could ruin them. In this way, you will guarantee a shelf life of up to 20 days.

Saffron, Honey and Licorice

Thanks to the packaging with which they are supplied, these products are quite safe. Keep them away from light and air in order to guarantee a long and fresh life for them.

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